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Cohort Default Rates

FY 2011 3-Year Official Cohort Default Rates will be Released September 15, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) will release Official FY 2011 three-year cohort default rates on September 15, 2014. This marks the first year for which a school will be subject to loss of eligibility if it has three consecutive years of three-year cohort default rates of 30 percent or more.

ED will electronically transmit each school's cohort default rate notification package using the school's Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) destination point.

Need Detailed Analysis of your 2011 Cohort Default Data?

OCAP offers free cohort rate analysis for Oklahoma schools. Using cohort rate data supplied by ED via the SAIG, OCAP is able to identify the characteristics and trends of a school’s borrowers who are categorized as cohort default rate borrowers.

The documents linked below are sample cohort analysis statistics and summaries OCAP can provide.

Cohort Data Analysis Spreadsheet

Executive Summary of Cohort Analysis

For default prevention services, schools will continue to work directly with OCAP's default prevention team:

Mary Heid
Director for Default Prevention, Compliance & Training Services
Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP)
P.O. Box 3000 | Oklahoma City, OK 73101-3000 |