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Just for You: NSLDS Business Cards

Ready Set Repay is always looking for new ways to assist you, our financial aid partners, in your efforts to provide students with the information they need to successfully manage their student loan debt. Our Default Prevention Expert Group, which includes several members of the Oklahoma financial aid community, asked us to develop a business card to promote the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). We heard you, and we delivered!

The NSLDS business card outlines six simple steps to accessing, along with space for students to record their loan servicer's contact information and your financial aid office's contact information. The best part is they can keep the card in their wallet, so it's always readily available.

For a supply of NSLDS business cards, contact Kerry Mucker at (quantities limited).

Entrance Counseling Toolkit

Entrance Counseling Toolkit

Mary Heid
Director for Default Prevention, Compliance & Training Services
Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP)
P.O. Box 3000 | Oklahoma City, OK 73101-3000 |