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Borrow Smart from the Start for Electronic Award Packaging

Entrance Counseling Toolkit

OCAP's Ready Set Repay and Oklahoma Money Matters initiatives' recently released the Borrow Smart from the Start brochure, a step-by-step guide for student loan borrowers, is flying off the shelves!

Financial aid directors, did you know we also created an electronic version of the brochure with you in mind? We encourage you to include a link to Borrow Smart from the Start t in your electronic financial aid award packaging. In addition to the helpful information found in the printed brochure, the electronic version of Borrow Smart from the Start includes links that will take your student borrows directly to the following:

Click here to download a PDF version of Borrow Smart from the Start to include in your campus' financial aid award packaging. For printed copies, contact Kerry Mucker at (quantities limited).

Mary Heid
Director for Default Prevention, Compliance & Training Services
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