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The DPST is an easy-to-use Microsoft Access database with the most current borrower cohort information, which provides schools an easy way to track and manage cohort default rate performance. The DPST turns OCAP's 'Delinquent Borrower by School Report' and ED's servicer (TIVAS) data into an interactive application, and is designed to provide special support, allowing schools to focus on students who are at-risk of becoming delinquent or defaulting on their student loans.

The DPST is provided for free to our Oklahoma educational partner institutions.

With the DPST, campus professionals can access reports, pre-formatted letters and a comprehensive database search feature. Signature features of the DPST are listed below.

If you're interested in reducing your cohort default rate, enhancing your direct contact with at-risk borrowers and minimizing staffing costs and time spent working delinquent accounts, this product can help.

OCAP's Default Prevention team is ready and able to help you reach your default prevention goals. To request a DPST demonstration, contact Jaime Shelton, OCAP's Policy and Compliance Specialist, at 405.234.4281, 877.688.4357 (toll free) or jshelton@ocap.org.